Rancho Magante Resort

Dominican Republic


Timing: 2018


Principal: Alderock, LLC


Project: 2000 acres to be developed as a world leading sustainable, wellness
 and organic agricultural resort, with additional elements of 
mindfulness and spiritual practices. Includes a 70-room luxury 
boutique hotel in casita style buildings; a 10,000-sf beach club, 
including a small recreational watercraft marina. Eight beach front 
villas on 1-acre estate lots; 15 hotel-branded villas and 30 large estate 
villas on lots ranging in size from 4 to 8 acres. Expansive wellness spa 
and fitness facilities. A central resort village and extensive employee 


Scope: Development manager responsible for all aspects of pre-development. 
Activities included project conceptualization; development of the
 strategic business plan; budgets; schedule; feasibility studies and land 
appraisal; hotel operator negotiations; consultant contract
 administration; and oversight of master planning and project funding.

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